September 15, 2004

Worship Evangelism Team: Can, Tabea, Claudia, Asia, Maria, Dirk, & Cathy
Another wonderful time at the Kudamm sharing Jesus through worship, preaching, talking, praying, and just having FUN! Our ministry is mostly planting seeds but we also water lots of seeds, and sometimes get to harvest - but it is ALL GOOD! DANKE JESUS FOR THE PEOPLE OF BERLIN! On the way home in the bus, I was talking to a German and as I shared Jesus with him the Sprit of God had me say, "God LOVES Germany! There is a great heritage here and there is a destiny for Germany." This particularily seemed to touch his heart. LORD JESUS, PLEASE HEAL THE BROKEN HEARTS AND REMOVE THE SHAME OF THESE PEOPLE WITH YOUR WONDERFUL LOVE!


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